Successful Plumbing Eco Schemes Take Welcome Turn


Energy-saving plumbing schemes are soon turning out to be one of the most successful government measures accounting for nearly 98% of all major initiatives taken under the Energy Companies Obligations (ECO) scheme. Consciousness has risen over preserving natural resources starting with the green revolution in modern times. However, a successful scheme of such huge magnitude does have a major role to play in all future initiatives taken along the same path.

A major benefit to consumers is the role of commercial plumbing companies trying to find a place within the scheme of things, and they do so by offering sops and promotional giveaways. Statistics show approximately 275,000 homes across the United Kingdom opted for energy-efficient plumbing measures under the ECO scheme. The initiative success gives small and big businesses more opportunities to present innovative systems of their own in conjunction with broader government schemes.

Lower Energy Bills Bring in Innovative Products

eco friendlyGovernment focus has been on lowering escalating energy bills that constantly rise to create undue financial burden on consumers. One way of achieving the target is to install permanent fixtures within the home lowering energy consumption on a permanent basis. Problems faced in older homes are a major concern for many people on the verge of retirement or for those finding it difficult to adapt quickly to rising energy bills.

Private enterprises have already adapted the green policy within their firms in tune with sentiments of the common people. For example, free boilers are being offered to the public completely in sync with the new energy-saving scheme. People are thrilled with the news nearly £300 can be saved on gas bills and plumbing by using the new boilers rated “A” on the energy graph. The very idea that these boilers are being offered free of cost by private enterprises suggests thinking on the lines of providing eco-friendly products is on the rise.

Service Contracts Have Bigger Role To Play

Mass installations may not always be feasible in areas where people cannot afford instant changes to be incorporated in their homes. In such cases, businesses may take the initiative to offer free energy-saving products and make up for incurred losses by signing multiple service contracts for electrical, plumbing, and other related necessities in homes.

Offices and other commercial blocks may have the capital to invest in initial energy-saving measures, but they would look for cheaper service contracts to accommodate yearly budgets. The ECO scheme has set the ball rolling with a major success to back further schemes.

The government is providing funds to replace older boilers with new energy-saving alternatives. Similar schemes are likely to be initiated over a period of time. You may be in for a massive discount on costly products when such schemes materialise. Be on the lookout for a similar initiative in your local area.

Take the eco-friendly path by replacing old electrical fixtures and lamps. Opt for plumbing installations via service contractors already implementing such schemes on a massive scale. Provide your home a new look with reduced energy costs the easy way. It just takes a few initial steps to implement what could be a long-lasting solution to escalating energy bills in your home.

April 11, 2014 |
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